Keylogger solutions to guarantee your business and personal safety

Keylogger solutions to guarantee your business and personal safety

Main functions of keylogger software

Business owners interested in the development of company are often interested in employees’ activities and how they spent working hours. Employee productivity is a vital issue and demands strict monitoring is some cases as some of them may spend working hours chatting with friends or visiting websites that are not business related and purely of an entertaining kind.

In case you have a suspicion that your staff members are missing PCs along with network resources or selling and stealing sensible data they have access to there is a great solution to control their online activity and make sure they dedicate enough time to working issues rather than settling personal ones. Software keylogger tools allow providing a thorough check of employees’ activity on office computers and guaranteeing that there are no spies in your office. The main benefit of keystroke recorder is that it runs in stealth mode and almost completely undetectable by users if he doesn’t know what to look for.

Major keylogger software’s function is to monitor online activity but what are the others features?

  • Recording of voice calls is offered by reliable keylogger recorder and all conversations from Skype, G-Chat and Windows Live Messenger applications are available;
  • Internet usage monitoring. Every website visited by staff members is recorded and available for your monitoring. Even if user is proficient and knows how to hide or delete his Internet history you still will have access to his browsing history;
  • Keystrokes and mouse clicks are recorded as well along with commands that were used to erase the information from the PC;
  • Keylogger recorder also can make screenshots of the PC screen. It is very easy for you to indicate the intervals when your keylogger will take a screenshot while the PC is in use by an employee.

A keylogger is a reliable tool that runs in the background and gathers all essential information for your study.

Keylogger solution
What information will you have access to with the use of keylogger recorder?

Keylogger tool is an invaluable asset for every concerned businessperson, who wishes to make sure his staff members are loyal. Choosing to use monitoring software users will have the following information at their disposal:

  • Data were taken from microphone and webcam. Keylogger tools can easily record sounds, video conversations, and chats. PC webcam captures images within set intervals;
  • It is also possible blocking certain websites, making sure employees won’t visit them again during working hour, especially if they affect their productivity;
  • Keystrokes software also monitors every running app on target computer as well as all the texts typed in various messaging or chat apps. Every email sent and received, chats, shared documents, video and audio files are now available for remote viewing;
  • Admission to chats’ history is also available if using reliable software. From now on it is possible looking through all history and find out with whom your staff members are chatting. Such popular services as ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Messenger, Skype, Viber, and others are under your monitoring.

Everyone, who invests a great deal of money and time into developing own business deserves to know the truth about people he hires and keylogger services are the best tools for gathering such information.

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